Flower Perfumery

After years of working with fresh flowers, I have seen how it is a natural response to want to smell a flower. It took several years of exploration into the world of perfumery for me to discover a process to fragrance faux flowers successfully.
I have created my own range of true to nature fragrances designed specifically to scent faux flowers. My fragrances are created to adhere to the flowers without evaporation so the flowers remain fragranced for several weeks/months.

All my fragrances are cruelty, paraben & alcohol free, vegan & insect friendly.

Fragrances can be blended together to create a layered scheme, giving a bespoke fragrance. This is very effective on all styles of flower designs & wedding flowers. To have a fragrance for your wedding will capture that memory in time. In the future, every time you smell that fragrance you will remember your wedding day. It is this special fact that inspired me to ensure that the faux flowers I create can have a memorable fragrance.

 You can visit the workshop to choose your blend of fragrance to enhance your wedding & every day flowers.
Fragrance is one of our strongest memory triggers, it has the power to uplift and comfort. 

Fragrances Available

  • Lotus Flower –  unisex blend, most popular fragrance with warm, floral and musky notes.
  • Rose – classic and strong, traditional floral rose fragrance with sweet elements.
  • Tea Rose – garden rose on a summer’s day, light and easy going.
  • Wild Rose – old rose, country houses with a hint of wild strawberries.
  • Peach Champagne – subtle and contemporary with a flirty vibe.
  • Honey – fresh and lively, reminiscent of sunny days and honeysuckle.
  • Green Tea – soft and gentle with a dry, oriental edge.
  • Dry Woods – fallen leaves, a florist shop floor and dusky sheds.
  • Tuberose – luxurious, sensual & decadent.
  • Mock Orange – orange groves and summer breeze.
  • Lemon Verbena – evoking a fresh, Mediterranean feel.
  • Orris – Musky and woody with a hint of floral.