Why Go Faux? 

Why choose Faux?

  • Ecologically sound with no air miles, longevity & minimal waste.
  • Stress free, no worrying about flowers lasting or being damaged. Perfect for special events.
  • Source any type of flower & foliage at any time of year, no limited availability. Much more flexibility with wedding bouquet design as can also be made in advance.
  • No worries about flowers not opening or opening too fast, wilting, browning, pollen or staining.
  • They are everlasting and offer great value for money.
  • Allergy free.
  • Do not carry bacteria, important in environments like spas or reception areas.
  • Damage resistant and light to carry, something to consider for a wedding bouquet. Fresh flower wedding bouquets can be heavy.
  • Getting married abroad –your wedding bouquet will travel easily as they are light and versatile – it won’t wilt in hot climates, discolour and you can keep it afterwards.
  • No dirty flower water, which can contaminate the air and looks unpleasant. Excellent for corporate areas.
  • Can be kept forever or given to a loved one.
  • Not affected by extreme temperatures. Can be placed in hot or cold, light or dark.
  • So realistic, ‘can’t believe it isn’t real’ creations.
  • Can be scented with our bespoke fragrance range which is insect friendly.
  • Massive reduction in waste compared to fresh flowers particularly for weddings and events. No waste at all if using our hiring service.